About Lotus Tantra

Tantric dating & Tantric Mindful event organizer in St Albans Hertfordshire United Kingdom.

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Research and Philosophy

Many years we have been doing research about human satisfaction in life and their relationship. Furthermore, we have been doing research about holiday satisfaction, such as hotels animation competitions, entertainment programs, and mind relaxing events.


We speak with many different ethnic and cultural people, married and unmarried young and old couples, single men, and women, gay, and lesbian. Most of them were not satisfied with their life, especially their relationship. Being satisfied in life is not easy!


According to our research, we realized, that having a better social lifestyle can make a difference in their unsatisfied life.


Having inspiration from Buddhist tantra philosophy, we believe, we can change their unsatisfied lives through Tantric philosophy. Then we designed Tantric mindful entertainment events to change their social lifestyle.

Most people looking for a genuine long-term serious relationship to restart their life.

Most married/unmarried men and women explore their sexuality and look for a something different sensual experience.


Maybe you are married. Maybe not.

Maybe you are looking for a perfect partner.

Maybe you want to explore something different sensual experience.

Maybe you are Exclusively heterosexual or exclusively homosexual. or equally heterosexual and homosexual. or predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual.


Welcome, all genders who are looking for a perfect partner and exploring different Sensual experiences.


Lotus Mindful Tantra event is in the right place at the right time. Our professional team works hard to make you happy with confidence on the day. We are passionate about helping singles to find love in real life. Come with a relaxing open heart and mind. You will find not only the right partner, but also we believe, The Lotus tantra event will be the most joyful and remarkable sensual experience of your entire life.

Lotus Tantric Ceremony

Welcome to Our Signature Tantric Ceremony. Please enjoy our Tantric Mindful sensual experience with your selected partner.

Lotus Tantric Signature ceremony positions are created in ancient Sanskrit tantric and Kamasutra practice.

The LOTUS TANTRA ceremony is a powerful blend of energy healing, chakra balancing, and body-body intuitive therapy. Accelerating healing energy on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. It replaces stress and tension with balance, peace, and a deeper sense of inner calm in the mind, body, and spirit. You will feel rejuvenated nurtured and pampered, even transformed as we give to you with love.

LOTUS TANTRA offers this unique opportunity to take time out of your busy lives to fully worship each other in a structured environment with gentle guidance from an experienced Tantric practitioner. You are both ready to move on to the next stage of intimacy and deep connection.

It begins with an introduction to some of the ideas that form ancient Sanskrit Tantra, Kamasutra, Chakra, and Kundalini's awakening. You will learn several techniques and strokes.


The practitioner designs each session around your individual needs and desires to enable you to have the most fulfilling and profound experience possible.


The practitioner will guide you in how to do this movement and how you can best bring out of your partner the inner power that may be lying dormant.

Our Pride is Your Satisfaction!

Enjoy Your Event!