lotus tantra dating event program

How does work Lotus Tantra Dating Event London

Registered and invited members only

Not need to be Registered for SUMMER EVENTS

Contact us for free registration and get your FREE invitation. Lotus Tantra Mindful 60minute Meet Up Dance events are FREE. You should be reserved your space as early as possible. Because only 10 - 20 spaces are available at each event for registered and selected Participants with balance gender.

  1. Please find the right event for you.

  2. Read our terms and conditions.

  3. If you are agreed with that, Contact us for free registration and get your invitation.

  4. Our aim is to have a 50/50 gender balance at every event. We will find the most matching people according to your preference. When we completed most matching peoples. We will inform you next event date and time a week before, via e-mail or text message.

Lotus Tantra 60min Meet Up Free Dating Event London - Program

  1. On the day our welcome team will check again your identification.

  2. The event presenter (host) will explain the Lotus Tantra meet-up dating program step by step.

  3. All Participants have a 60minute FREE MEET-UP event.

If you cannot find a partner or if uncomfortable with the event, you can leave the event at any time. You do not need to pay any fee. You are free to leave the venue.

Lotus tantric dancing ceremony

If you are happy to enjoy Lotus tantric relaxing dance ceremony or Lotus tantric deep relaxing dance ceremony with your selective partner. You need to pay.

Lotus tantric relaxing ceremony 2 hours - £150

  1. The Lotus tantric practitioner designs each session around your individual needs and desires to enable you to have the most fulfilling and profound experience possible.

  2. Lotus tantric relaxing ceremony. This is the most impressive, joyful, and remarkable moment of the event.

  3. Event end.