Where do the events take place?


Our Events are held at St Alban's, AL13RD, and One of the cozy city hotels in St Albans – Hertfordshire AL3 5BH and AL1 3DY. We will give you the exact place with your payment confirmation. in the Private Room exclusively for Lotus Tantra. For Couples, Private events are held in the member's home or in a Hotel room. Our tantric practitioner visits your own home, or you can book a hotel room.


How many participants are in an Event?


6 - 20 participants are in an Event.


How long does each event last?


Tantric events last up to 3 hours.


Can I book a Private Tantric Event with a friend?


Yes! You can.


Are there any possibilities to meet my current partner at the event?


Never! If you have any doubt about that, let us know when you are booking the event. We will do the rest.


Will there be an equal gender balance?


Yes!  We guarantee equal gender balance will be there. Our aim is to have a 50/50 gender balance at every event. We will find the most matching participants according to your preference. When we completed matching participants. We will inform you event date and time one week before via e-mail and text message.


What happens if I do not get any matches?


We believe you can find a matching partner.

Can I come with my friend?


Sorry! Events are only for registered and invited participants.


What is the Dress Code?


There is no dress code. But we do recommend wearing a relaxing dress.


Are the tantric events being naked?


You not being naked If you are in a Lotus tantric relaxation ceremony( Dating). But you should be naked if you are in the Lotus tantric deep relaxation ceremony or in the Pleasure/Relaxing/Massage exchanging room event.