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Welcome to Our Signature Tantric Ceremony. Enjoy our Tantric experience with your partner.

Lotus Mindful Couple Tantra Event is a fantastic way to increase intimacy, pleasure, and happiness.


The couple who wants to enhance their relationship & who wants to explore remarkable sensual experiences in life.

Lotus Tantric Signature ceremony positions are created in ancient Sanskrit tantric and Kamasutra practice.

Lotus Tantra offers this unique opportunity to take time out of your busy lives to fully worship each other in a structured environment with gentle guidance from an experienced Tantric practitioner.


The Tantric practitioner will guide you in how to do this movement and how you can best bring out of your partner the inner power that may be lying dormant.


It begins with an introduction to some of the ideas that form the ancient Tantra, Kamasutra, Chakra, and Kundalini's awakening. You will learn several techniques and strokes.

Open your Heart, open your Mind and Body into the sensual divine! Discover, how to truly connect with yourself, and your partner, energetically, breathe in your partner’s essence, blend your sensual essentials into one, become one together and create a spiritual highest pleasure of inner love and sensual fulfillment.

The event will be held at your own home or in a hotel room. Our experienced Tantric practitioner designs each session around your individual needs and desires to enable you to have the most fulfilling and profound experience possible. Contact us for free registration.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours advance notice to book your desired time. We are not able to book same-day appointments.

Lotus Mindful Tantra Couple  Private Date Event
Lotus Mindful Tantra Exchange Private Event for Couple to Couple - Age groups: 35-45 | 46-55 | 56-65 | 35-65.
We do not sell tickets Online for our events. Registered and invited members only.