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lotus tantric zoom dating events

Lotus Tantra Zoom Virtual Holiday Dating Events in Your Hotel Room

Are you looking for a life partner Or a remarkable sensual experience on your holiday?

Do not worry! Many men, women, and couples same as you in your hotel and around.

We are organizing fabulous private & group ZOOM events to fulfill your desire, in this hotel.

Lotus Tantra Zoom Virtual Dating Event for Singles
Lotus Tantra Zoom Virtual Dating Event for Couples
How does the Lotus Tantric Zoom Holiday dating event work
The event host is in English.

The Zoom event will last 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes time, you need to choose a partner for a date. If you are chosen a partner for a date, then you need to pay the event fee. Payment – Bank transfer only.

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Download and install Zoom.us

Choose the event.

E-mail us:

  • Let us know your hotel name / which floor & room number.

  • Let us know the event name/date and time (You are looking)

  • Let us know your country of origin (Where are you from)

  • Let us know about you (Your name/couple/single/man/woman/age)

  • Let us know your desire (What are you looking for)

  • We will e-mail your Zoom invitation and full details of the event.

Please read our zoom events terms and conditions before registering for the Lotus Tantra Zoom Dating Event.