Please read our terms and conditions before registering for Lotus Tantra Dating Events. If you are agreeing with these terms and conditions, Contact us for free registration. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions or if you are under 18 years of age, please do not register with us.

We fully respect your privacy. We totally protect your privacy. Your personal information will never be shared with any third party. No one contact or visit you for any reason after your event session.

You must have proof of Identification when booking an event session. We ask for your Identification to protect you, our clients, and our practitioner from potential harm.

Payment must be made before the event session begins.

No discount, no special offers on the agreed payment will be made accepted.

Registered and invited members only. without registration confirmation, you may not allow enter to the event. Even if you bought a ticket! You must register via our website only.

The dress code is relaxing casual.

You do not need to be shy about your body type, overweight, and your age. We do not have a preference as to the appearance of our clients other than an appreciation for their diversity.

Please arrange permission for the practitioner to enter the hotel. (If you book a Hotel)

Please arrange your room with enough space before arriving at the practitioner. (If the session at your home)

Lotus Tantra dating events is 100% bespoke to fulfill your individual needs.

Please take a shower before the event session. Be always clean and hygienic.

Please respect others' boundaries. You must follow practitioner guidance. (If you are in a group session)

You will respect other members and understand that No Means No.

You will not take any photographic or recording equipment with you. This includes mobile phones.

Please discuss and agree, yours boundaries before the event session. (If you are a couple)

The couple - that's what you are, and it must be a joint decision to tantric exchange with another couple, you both be completely happy & comfortable with the idea.

Jealousy - it may be difficult to tell before you try but if either of you feels at all jealous then tell the practitioner.

Our most important piece of advice to any couple, thinking about Tantric exchange with another couple is to talk about it a lot before you try. It's for real. Thinking about it and even fantasising about it can be a great turn-on, but are you sure it is what you both want?

We ask that you respect our member’s lifestyle choices without judgement.

Your satisfaction is our Happiness!