lotus tantric trans women events

Life for one time, Enjoy your life! Even if you are a Billionaire, you cannot buy true happiness.

Maybe you are a married man and have a happy married life!

But do you feel that have you been living with the wrong gender?

Maybe you are Right!

The human body is a phenomenal machine on the planet. Trans Masculinity and Femininity are the gifts of God, they are created by Hormones. Hormones help the human body function correctly. They travel through the bloodstream to the organs and help sexual function, reproduction, growth, and mood in the human body.

Men’s primary action of sex hormone is testosterone. Women’s primary actions of sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone. However, men and women produce some percentage of the same hormones.

The person-to-person hormones percentage level can be different. Males produce some percentage of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Females also produce some percentage of testosterone.

Therefore, every single man has masculine and feminine characteristics in their body, but they must hide his feminine character forever, because of their strict religious or ethnic rules, family and friends, and community.

As a man, if you are producing more than 50% of estrogen and progesterone, you behave more feminine. But can you hide your feminine character forever? It’s the same as you trying to hide a tennis ball under the water.

Maybe you are married. Maybe not.

Maybe you want to activate your feminine character occasionally and explore your sexuality.

Lotus Tantric Trans Women event is the best place to fulfill your desires. The event you can customize according to your preference.

We arrange a safe environment where you can explore your sexuality with pleasure and share loving experiences with other participants.

We respect and protect your privacy. Your personal information will never be shared with any third party. We always go the extra mile to ensure your safety and peace of mind. No photos, No profile on the website.

During the 2 ½ to 3 hours, what will you learn and practice?

How to spiritually get relax your body and mind.

How to prepare your body and mind for the gendered character.

How to explore your sexuality and identify your gender characters.

How to spiritually activate your feminine character.

Make up and dress up, if you need.

Shower facilities are available upon request.

Event time duration 2 ½ to 3 hours - £100 - Free registration Maximum 6 participants in an event.

Lotus Tantric Transgender Dating events take place 2 times a week Friday and Saturday between

10 PM and 10 PM at One of the cozy city hotels in St Albans – Hertfordshire AL3 5BH and AL1 3DY. We will give you the exact place with the payment confirmation.

Without registration confirmation, you may not allow enter to the event. Even if you bought a ticket! You must register via our website only.

How does it work?

Registered and invited members only!

Please do not buy event tickets without completing the registration process.

Contact us for free registration. We will send your registration confirmation with the event hotel address, the next available event date, and the time when the other 6 matching participants have registered.

As a next step, all participants must join the pop-up zoom meeting (10 to 15 minutes) before buying their ticket. Then all participants know who is in the event. (We will send you the zoom link & details)

If you are happy to get into the event, you can buy the event ticket from our official ticket seller. We will send the link.

After buying your ticket, we will send the event hotel details and the event host’s contact details. It will take time because we must wait for the ticket seller’s confirmation about your ticket purchases.

Lotus Tantra Events Cancellation Policy

If we need to cancel and reschedule for any reason, then your ticket will be transferred to the next available event.

If you need to cancel for any reason, then please note your ticket is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Lotus Tantra Dating

Trans Women only- 6 members

Lotus Tantra Dating

3 Trans Women & 3 Trans Men