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Welcome to the Lotus Tantric Sensual Massage Exchange Event. Re-Start Your Social Lifestyle with Us. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure the right people are introduced to the event.

Lotus Tantric Sensual Massage Exchange events take place every day.

Morning 9 AM to 12 PM. Noon 1 PM to 5 PM. Evening 6 PM to 10 PM at One of the cozy city hotels in St Albans – Hertfordshire AL3 5BH and AL1 3DY. We will give you the exact place with your payment confirmation. Without registration confirmation, you may not allow enter to the event. Even if you bought a ticket!

How does it work?

Registered and invited members only!

Please do not buy event tickets without registration.

Contact us for free registration. We will send your registration confirmation with the event hotel details, the next available event date, and time.

After getting your registration confirmation, if you are happy to get into the event, you can buy the event tickets from our official ticket seller. We will send the link.

We will send payment confirmation with the event hotel details and the event host’s contact details.

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If you are suffering from tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, or sexual dysfunction,  The Lotus Tantric sensual massage therapy is the perfect way to solve your problems without any side effects as it involves no pills.

The lotus Tantra Event offers this unique opportunity to take time out of your busy lives to fully worship each other in a structured environment with gentle guidance step by step together with other participants, spiritually awakening sensual pleasure and sharing sensual massage experiences. The massage techniques are created in ancient Sanskrit tantric and Kamasutra practice.

You and your partner together will awaken yours’s senses, open the energy channels of yours’s body, and prepare to receive tantric sensual massage therapy in the manner of a salacious artist creating a sensual masterpiece with the Beloved’s body.

Open your heart, open your mind and body into the sensual divine! Discover, how to truly connect with yourself, and your partner, energetically, breathe in your partner’s essence, blend your sensual essentials into one, become one together and create a spiritual highest pleasure of inner love and sensual fulfillment.

We arrange a secret and safe environment where you can awaken sensual pleasure and share loving massage experiences with other participants.

Event time duration 2 1/2 3 hours - £150 - free registration

Maximum 6 person or 3 couples

Lotus Tantra Dating
Lotus Tantra Dating
Lotus Tantra Dating
Lotus Tantra Dating

 The couple - £200