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Welcome to the Lotus Tantric Pleasure Room Online Event

Research shows that 60% of married men are affected by erectile dysfunction and 60% of married women are affected by sexual dysfunction.

Erection and sexual problems are caused by Emotional and Physical health problems. This is usually caused by their lifestyle, relationships, tiredness, stress, anxiety, and depression. All these problems blocked and damage their nervous sensors and central nervous system, for that reason the Brain doesn’t identify their Emotional feelings to activate sexual organs and keep an erection.

If you are suffering from tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, or sexual dysfunction. The Lotus Tantric therapy is the perfect way to solve your problems without any side effects as it involves no pills.

The Lotus Tantric Sensual Pleasure Room Online Event is the best way to relieve your stress and explore pure pleasure from the comfort of your home.

The event host will guide you step by step together with other participants, spiritually awakening sensual pure pleasure and sharing loving experiences.

Open your heart, open your mind and body into the sensual divine! Truly connect with yourself, and with other participants, energetically, breathe in other participants’ essence, blend your sensual essentials into one, become one together and create a spiritual highest pleasure of inner love and sensual fulfillment.

Event time duration 1 hour - £22

Lotus Tantra Dating
Lotus Tantra Dating
Lotus Tantra Dating
Lotus Tantra Dating